The Empress Is Naked

Are women oppressed today? If so, why is it that they live more? Why are they happier?

Long-time political activist Adam Leonas examines the arguments about the oppression of women, and shows that all the supposed disadvantages are essentially trade-offs against much worse alternatives.

He takes a fascinating look into the biology of the sexes, to find where female superiority and male weakness is located: sex. He argues that the point in history when the prehistoric gender balance was overturned was during “the worst mistake in human history”: the Agricultural Revolution, when what he calls “the Female Coup d’etat” took place.

The author, being unrelentingly radically progressive, concludes that in historic societies, capitalism included, women’s power is greater due to their control over sex. He proposes radical ways for men to deal with their disadvantaged position, as well as radical ways to remedy the gender balance in society as a necessary prerequisite for equality and social peace.

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