The Empress Is Naked

Are women oppressed today? If so, why is it that they live more? Why are they happier?

Long-time political activist Adam Leonas examines the arguments about the oppression of women, and shows that all the supposed disadvantages are essentially trade-offs against much worse alternatives.

He takes a fascinating look into the biology of the sexes, to find where female superiority and male weakness is located: sex. He argues that the point in history when the prehistoric gender balance was overturned was during “the worst mistake in human history”: the Agricultural Revolution, when what he calls “the Female Coup d’etat” took place.

The author, from a radically humanitarian viewpoint, concludes that in historic societies, capitalism included, women’s power is greater due to their control over sex. He proposes ways for men to deal with their disadvantaged position, as well as ways to remedy the gender balance in society as a necessary prerequisite for equality and social peace.

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New! Book Review: NiceGuy’s Land of the Losers

Most of us men, in order to discover the nature of the female, need to go through a series of negative experiences first-hand – and pay dearly for the knowledge. Up to recently this was the only way. Books like NiceGuy’s Land of the Losers give young men the chance to extrapolate from their own common experiences, and reach useful conclusions sooner – i.e. before it’s too late for them.

Remember this girl that was an angel one moment, a complete sociopath the next? It’s in the book. Your past girlfriend that “accidentally” slept with her ex? In there too. Remember when you “got lucky” at a bar sometime that you were piss-drunk? In there, too. Even that dream you had, where one gorgeous woman in a red dress is completely and passionately in love with you, and you woke up crying, that’s in there as well.

The book is practically NiceGuy’s diary, where his life experiences are used as chances to comment about the wider male-female dynamics. The depictions of events range from hilarious to cringeworthy – a feature which probably matches most men’s experience in the dating market.

NiceGuy refuses to “game” women. He keeps searching for true intimacy. It is a tactic that does give you answers. But does it give you results? Noble as it may be, it remains at least an open question whether searching for true intimacy from women is a viable tactic. NiceGuy concludes that for American women, it is not. His experiences, though, are from 20 years back, and seeing the sense of entitlement of the average American woman spread across the globe in the past two decades, he might actually generalize his conclusions to all women, today.

Quite a few men will enjoy this book. Newcomers to the Manosphere will find enlightening insights, and old-timers will get some good laughs.

You can get a free preview and buy the book from NiceGuy’s site.